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Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussion by building on previous posts. Content. Contribution. Posts information that is off-topic, incorrect, or irrelevant to discussion. Repeats but does not add substantive information to the discussion.

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Once your instructor has posted the beginning question, then whoever gets the answer first will reply to that post and answer the question. After you have posted your answer, go all the way up to the top, reply to the main discussion by posting a different question (that comes from the course textbook).

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Anyone has a clear example on how to implement GET and POST requests using Ajax in jQuery? Not only the jQuery code but also routes and controllers, please. I'm just trying to see if I can implement it on the blog from "Laravel 5 Fundamentals"

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Mar 08, 2016 · the discussion that i'd like to track is on the main/parent site. see screen print below as reference: as you can see, this discussion has ratings/replies/etc. how can i make the manage discussions view in the 1st screen shot above show the statistics from the discussion in the second screen shot? is there an ability to change where this view ...

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Let the Invitation Experts help you with all your invitation wording questions: sample wedding invitation wording, sample holiday verses, sample birth announcements wording, and more.

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Sample Extended-Response Essay Item Explain the difference between the S-R (Stimulus-Response) and the S-O-R (Stimulus-Organism-Response) theories of personality. Include in your answer (a) brief descriptions of both theories, (b) supporters of both theories and (c) research methods used to study each of the two theories. (10 pts. 20 minutes)

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All progress concerning COVID can be attributed to Trump. The whole world owes Trump a debt of gratitude. I know the DNC and their media stooges are trying their best to make our response look bad. I know they're exagerrating the current spike to enable more lockdowns that will slow all the economic and social progress made by Trump's policies.

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Nov 17, 2016 · Respond promptly. Write a logical, well-organized, thought-through post. Use the required in-text citation format and provide properly formatted citations to scholarly sources. Avoid language that is not appropriate for an academic setting. Avoid overly informal language. Discussion posts are not Twitter, SnapChat or Instagram posts.

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An example would be this one that can be sent automatically with Amelia, our WordPress booking plugin (click the image to see more info about our An appointment confirmation email or a reply to a meeting confirmation email is really helpful to your clients. One of the smarter ways to do it is to...

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Dec 27, 2018 · Sample Reply to Welcome Email For New Employee – As an Existing Team Member Welcome to the team, [new employee name]. As a quick introduction, my name is [your name] and I’m a [position]. I’ve worked at [company] for [time].
Sullivan (2011) believes when students share their diverse experiences on discussion boards, peer-to-peer learning is the result. Reference citation for a discussion board post. Author, A. A. (year of publication, Month day). Re: Title of the discussion post [Online forum comment]. Retrieved from URL where discussion board resides. Sullivan, M ...
May 26, 2020 · Respecting this right during the Covid-19 response involves ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is provided about the virus and is readily available and accessible to all (HRW, 2020). People living with disabilities may have inequities in access to public health messaging due to specific communication needs (IASC, 2020).
Be sure to post your discussion thread well before the deadline. If you post at the last minute, you're not likely to get thoughtful and enlightening responses, and you're not making The way you choose to reply will impact your grades and the impression you want to make. Remember - it's a discussion.
Take Time To Respond If you’re asked a difficult question, give yourself a few minutes to determine how you want to respond, says Sullivan. “Take thinking time,” he says.

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A response letter to a request is a letter, which is an answer to some initial letter. It provides information or relevant answer to the initial inquiry. Some people might have a certain concern, or they would like to address an issue, therefore, writing a response letter to such requests become very important. Using samples […]
Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site. About Us Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. Business Learn more about hiring developers or If you're writing a formal letter, and need the other party to reply as quickly as possible, how can you do it in the most polite, eloquent fashion?